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If you want the absolute best Live TV & Movies & TV Show experience you can get ready to plug & play then this is it!

What you get:

1 x The very latest 4K Chromecast HDR with Google TV customised and setup for use with our latest cutting edge new super fast VIPTV interface ready to plugin and use (you don’t even have to enter any details!). Includes voice search which is compatible with our latest VIPTV interface!

1 x Super Fast VPN subscription (Already setup & Ready to go, just click connect if your have any blocking issues from your ISP)

1 x 12 Month Multi line subscription to VIPTV which means you can record programmes & watch at the same time on the same box.

Shipping is included to the UK, Ireland and Europe!

Benefits over a traditional android box:

  • Bluetooth remote does not require line of sight to operate.
  • Supports full 4K Youtube and other streaming apps (netflix, prime etc)
  • Full google voice assistant integration.
  • Very fast execution of VIPTV
  • HDMI-CEC Control your TV from one remote control
  • Chromecast support


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