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What to try first?

Firstly, it’s always best practice to clear your application cache and restart the firestick / android box.


Settings > Applications > Managed applications > LTQ > Clear cache

Android Box

Settings > Applications > Apps > LTQ > Clear cache

Android TV



ISP (Internet Service Provider) DNS Blocking

Please update your router’s DNS settings to and this will speed up your internet from your default settings as these are Cloudflare and Google DNS servers which are much faster. They also will not block content like your default ISP DNS does!

** If you are unsure how to do this we have added an automatic DNS CHANGER app for firestick & android devices which you can download using the DOWNLOADER app on the FireStick / TV Devices (Follow the same setups for the initial setup then just replace the URL with this one) or a browser on Android boxes.

If you cannot update your router DNS then you can update your Firestick or Android box DNS settings.

Please note we cannot provide help or support for updating DNS settings. Please google the instructions for your particular router or for updating DNS settings on your Firestick or android device.

Connection Speed Issues?

It’s good practice to reset the connection from your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) side once a month. To do this you will need to completely unplug your router from the power for at least 30 minutes. This will give the ISPs servers time to realise that your connection is no longer active and remove it from their active list. When you plug it back in after this amount of time the ISP will give you a new / refreshed connection (sometimes with a new IP address) results show that connection speeds are improved on slow connections by doing this every so often or when experiencing issues.

Live TV Channels not working?

This can be due to a number of things…

Firstly, check your Internet Connection using

You should have at a MINIMUM 20Mbps download speed. Latency should be 50ms or less and Jitter should be under 5ms for optimal results.

Secondly, check your Wifi signal is strong (a lot of issues are actually due to poor wifi strength) check your firestick or android box is close enough to your wifi router.

Thirdly, some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) restrict / block IPTV data / packets. To check this, on your mobile phone activate the wifi hotspot feature, set a password in order for other devices to be able to connect to it as a wifi AP (Access Point) then go into your firestick / android box setting for wifi network and connect to your mobile phone hotspot. If the app works now then your ISP is blocking you. You can follow the guides below for your ISP to unrestrict your internet service. This can help in a lot of cases.

BT – Turn off Smart Setup

SKY – Turn off Sky Shield







If you are still experiencing issues after disabling the ISP restrictions, there are instances where further blocking is implemented. You can download Express VPN on your firestick or android box and select the FREE TRIAL. Once you’ve created your account, select a country such as Belgium, Romania, Portugal and connect the VPN to it. If the app works now then you are being blocked by your ISP. You will require a VPN account in order to use IPTV services.

We highly recommend NordVPN, using this link gives you 3 months extra free!

Movies / Series not working?

Please see the above guide for “Live TV Channels not working”.

Clear your app cache and check your internet connection is ok and that the wifi signal is good.

Need more help?

If you still need some help please ensure you have followed the above guides instructions step by step then please use the contact form on our website here.

We will REQUIRE the following information in order to help you further. Please ENSURE you have all of these available when contacting us for further support.

Please have to hand a photo of your internet connection speed test from the “Live TV Channels not working” guide.

Please ensure you have created a mobile hotspot on your mobile phone, connected your device to it and tested to see if you still have issues as per the “Live TV Channels not Working” guide.

Please ensure you have tested a VPN service in order to establish if your ISP is blocking you. Please photograph the VPN service you’re using showing the country you have connected to.

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